Top 3 Causes for Siding Problems

Things You Can Do to Avoid a Rather Expensive Siding Repair Service

You’ve probably installed your vinyl siding with the promise that you won’t have to worry about maintenance for an extended period of time. Although vinyl is indeed a very durable siding material, there are still some common problems that may appear even after installation. We all know that siding repair does not come cheap. So, in order to avoid such problems, you need to understand what makes them occur in the first place. Here are some of the most common causes for siding problems.


Although moisture does not affect vinyl directly, it will definitely affect the siding support which is made of wood. We all know that wood develop problems when exposed to moisture. When this happens, the siding wooden frame will start warping and buckling, making the entire siding surface warp or buckle as well. In order to avoid such problems, you need to make sure that you install a waterproof membrane on the home’s exterior before you apply the siding boards. Additionally, you have to make sure that the siding is not airtight. This way, air will be able to circulate beneath the siding.

Improper installation

Another very common cause of siding problems is poor installation. Although it is pretty straightforward to install vinyl siding, many “professionals” still make mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is not installing expansion joints. This often leads to cracks and all other sorts of siding problems. In order to avoid such mistakes, you should hire a true siding professional. Look for contractors that are licensed and insured and have a very good reputation in the local community.

Roof problems

Roof problems can also cause siding issues. For instance, if your tiles are cracked, missing, or damaged, water will infiltrate beneath them and then run over the underlayment until it reaches the eaves of your roof. From there, it’s only a matter of time until it will infiltrate under your siding.

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