Why Metal Roofing Makes Economic Sense

If You’re Looking for a Roofing System That Requires Minimal Roof Repairs and Maintenance, Metal Roofing May Be Your Answer

Metal roofs have gained a lot in popularity over the past decades because of their outstanding benefits, including ease of maintenance, durability, and longevity. Furthermore, metal roofs are more aesthetically appealing and amenable to many preexisting underlying materials. And finally, frequent frequent roof repairs are a matter of past tense when it comes to metal roofing systems. So, before you make your decision to use a different type of roofing material than metal, take a moment to reconsider. Here are a few facts that will definitely make you change your mind.

roof repairsMetal roofs last for potentially hundreds of years. While shingles need to be replaced every fifteen years, a metal roofing system is a one-time investment that presents almost no maintenance and saves energy.

Asphalt roofing systems last about 15 years. This means that the entire roof needs to be replaced on a regular basis, but don’t think it will be cheap. Even though asphalt roofs are one of the cheapest roofing options at the moment, a full removal and re-installation will set you back of a several thousands of dollars, not to mention the hassle that comes with the job. A metal roof, on the other hand, lasts three times longer and requires almost no roof repairs at all.

If you think that slate, tile, or cedar shake roofs are aesthetically superior to metal roofs, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Metal sheets come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and models. You will definitely find one combination that will suite your tastes.

It’s clear enough that metal roofs are a great addition to any home. However, there is one catch. The installation process requires experience, knowledge, and skills. That is why you should hire a professional roofer for the installation process. If you reside in Marietta, GA, then look no further than Longino & Associates, Inc. We offer roof repairs, installation, and maintenance services at reasonable rates.

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